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Title Report on the Situation of Refugees in Mauritania: Findings of a three-week exploratory study
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2002
URL http://schools.aucegypt.edu/GAPP/cmrs/reports/Documents/ChanneNov.pdf
This report examines the refugee situation in Mauritania in recent years. It argues that the refugee
situation in Mauritania is of interest to academics and professionals in the field who is working on
forced migration and refugee issues, especially in view of the lack of literature and field research of
Mauritania’s refugee situation. The position/status of refugees in Mauritania is of great interest to the
Forced Migration and Refugee Studies (FMRS) Programme at the American University of Cairo,
Egypt (AUC).
Firstly, although Mauritania has not incorporated its international legal obligations with respect to
refugees into national legislation, the recent establishment of a Human Rights Commission in
Mauritania may provide a framework in which refugee rights may be realised. It is therefore an apt
time to examine the efforts being made and the problems encountered, as much may be learnt for
the experiences of other countries.
Secondly, Mauritania geographical location has made it a host of significant influxes of refugees
from the neighbouring countries of Mali and Senegal as well as the disputed territory of Western
Sahara. Being located just south of Morocco, Mauritania also provides a gateway of immigration
towards the European countries.
Thirdly, its own demographic and ethnic make-up has caused refugee flows of its own, to Mali
and Senegal, and the extent to which these refugees have become reinstated as full and equal
Mauritanian citizens upon repatriation to Mauritania in the late 1990s is examined.

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