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Type Journal Article - Journal of Animal Science Advances
Title Yield, chemical composition and in vitro ruminal fermentation of the leaves of Leucaena leucocephala, Gliricidia sepium and Trichanthera gigantea as influenced by harvesting frequency
Volume 2
Issue 3
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
Page numbers 321-331
URL https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Cicero_Lallo2/publication/230647594_Fermentation_of_the_Leaves_​of_Leucaena_Leucocephala_Gliricidia_Sepium_and_Trichanthera_Gigantea_as_Influenced_by_Harvesting_Fre​quency/links/09e41502713fb72056000000.pdf
This study was designed to evaluate the effect of cutting frequency (6-, 8-, and 12-week intervals) on
biomass yield, chemical composition, and in vitro ruminal organic matter digestibility (IVOMD) of Gliricidia
sepium, Leucaena leucocephala, and Trichanthera gigantea leaves. Leaves were harvested from trees growing
in three different locations in Trinidad; University Field Station (UFS) at Valsayn, Sugar Cane Feeds Centre
(SFC) at Longdenville and Centeno Livestock Station (CLS), at Centeno. Three species; (G. sepium, L.
leucocephala, and T. gigantea) were compared at UFS while – two species (Gliricidia sepium and T. gigantea)
were compared at CLS. At SFC, only L. leucocephala was evaluated. At UFS, biomass yield for leaves
harvested at 12-week cutting interval was highest (P < 0.05) for G. sepium (16,440 kg/ha) and lowest for L.
leucocephala (4,821 kg/ha). At CLS, however, biomass yield was highest for T. gigantea at 12-weeks (3,844
kg/ha). At SFC, there was a decline (P < 0.05) in crude protein (CP) content of L. leucocephala leaves as cutting
intervals increased. In vitro organic matter digestibility (IVOMD) was highest in G. sepium leaves (710 g/kg
DM) and lowest in T. gigantea leaves (340 g/kg DM). Crude protein (CP) content and IVOMD were highest in
leaves harvested at 6-week cutting interval. Crude protein content and fibre levels (ADF, NDF, ADL) were
highest in the leaves of L. leucocephala at UFS and SFC. Soluble condensed tannins (SCT) were highest in L.
leucocephala leaves. It was concluded that cutting interval had no effect on IVOMD. However, biomass yield
increased with increasing cutting interval.

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