Il germoplasma georgiano di vite: utilizzo, conservazione e studio

Type Journal Article - Acta Italus Hortus
Title Il germoplasma georgiano di vite: utilizzo, conservazione e studio
Volume 3
Page numbers 412-417
URL et al 2012 Conavi 2010.pdf
Georgian grapevine germplasm (V.
vinifera L.) originated in several different regions of
the Country over a long historical period; during the
XX century new bred varieties enriched it. Georgia is
a country where V. vinifera sylvestris is commonly
present in woods and forests, providing an important
initial impulse to the domestication of grapevine. The
main cultivated varieties in Georgia are autochthonous
varieties, having a high-market value; the best
among those are also cultivated in Eastern Europe
and Middle Asia. Conservation initiatives for Georgian
Vitis germplasm started since XIX century and had
some difficulties at the beginning of the XXI century
mainly related to post soviet economic crisis.
However, Georgia was able to establish new field collections
and collaborative works, in the framework of
international projects and local initiatives. This
germplasm is the object of intensive investigations;
attracting international collaborations due to its genetic
diversity. Investigations based on SSR fingerprinting
and ampelographic methods are used for the variety
classification and for the understanding of phylogenic

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