The Role of Women in Economic Participation and Employment: A Logistic Model for Iran

Type Journal Article - International Journal of Contemp. Math. Sciences
Title The Role of Women in Economic Participation and Employment: A Logistic Model for Iran
Volume 34
Issue 7
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
Page numbers 1665-1672
The phenomenon of female economic activity and also the phenomenon of women's
employment are main issues in each economy in special after the industrial Revolution.
Typically female economic activity in formal sectors like industry, services and somewhat
the agricultural sector is measurable, but the main activities of women are in informal sectors
such as house works, training and education of children, activities in agricultural sectors and
household services is not measurable.
In this paper by using the data of Household Income and Expenditure Survey in urban
areas, we study the participation of headed household of Iran's economy which is based on
assessment of their role in economy activities. Also in a logistic model, gender roles and
other important features of socio-economic of the households about the chance of being
employed is studied.
The results have shown that a great role of women's economic activities in the household
levels. So that on average women plays a major role in the management of household
expenditure compare to men. Technical review of gender in a logistic model in 2006 suggests
those households which their head are men, have more chances of being employed compare
to those households which their head are women. Generally according to these results,
although female heads of households have less chance of being employed than male heads of
households, but if women heads households have college degree, they can have more chance
for being employed compared to men.

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