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Type Journal Article - Higher Education of Social Science
Title Family and Student Success in Benin: A Comparative Study of Students From Single-Parent and Two-Parent Families in the District of Ketu in Benin
Volume 9
Issue 6
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
URL http://cscanada.net/index.php/hess/article/viewFile/7960/pdf
This study examines the living conditions of children
from single-parent and two-parent families to assess their
academic performance and have an idea of the impact of
these two family models (single-parent, two-parent) on
the academic success of children in the municipality of
Ketu. The quantitative and qualitative survey involved
90 people including 60 students from single-parent and
two-parent families on the one hand, and 30 parents in a
situation of single parent or two-parent families on the
other. The results show that the social and economic living
conditions of children from single-parent families are
precarious and are not conducive to an efficient academic
success when we compare such results to those of children
from two-parent families. The study further revealed that
the absence of one parent in the household, the difficulties
related to the payment of school tuition that might lead to
temporary or definite exclusion of the child from school
... are some of the obstacles to school success. As a result,
the backup and consolidation of marital bonds turn out
to be some of the psychosocial and emotional factors
that are required to ensure academic success and, in turn,
the future and the full development of children in our

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