The other view to Organizational Culture in Iran

Type Journal Article - International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences
Title The other view to Organizational Culture in Iran
Volume 4
Issue 4
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 363-373
Organizational culture is the subject that recently enter to knowledge of management and the
realm of organizational behavior. The population of sociologists ,psychologists and even
economists, pay special attention to this new and important topics in management and to
identify the role and the importance of it it makes a lot of research and theory and make it in
resolving issues and problems to management.The study for organizational culture and reviews
of thier trends to the rational /intuitive approachesin six City (Kermanshah, Tabriz, Yazd,
Zahedan, Sari ,Mashhad). this study is a type of descriptive-survey. The questionnaire was used
to collect information in a letter is Hofstede standard questionnaire and the other
questionnaire based on barco and Snyder theory. This questionnaire(questionnaire based on
barco and Snyder theory),measure trend of organizations people that they have studied with
one of the socialists trends. Reliability and Validity are based on the scientific and they are
accepted with this method. Reliability are confirmed in Kerman shah,?2,in Tabriz is
?3.yazd is ?5.Sari is s1.zahedan is s2 and mashhad is y8. the results of this study
indicate that the city of Tabriz on the collectivism and be Mannish has the highest rating.
Kerman shah has the highest score on the properties of power distance and Yazd has the
highest rating in the case of variable in the ambiguity. Tabriz also has the most rational
approach Sari tend to have the lowest tendency.

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