The Rights of the Child in a Changing World

Type Book Section - The Rights of the Child in Solomon Islands’ Plural Legal System
Title The Rights of the Child in a Changing World
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
Publisher Springer
This chapter examines the rights of the child in Solomon Islands. Commencing with a short introduction to the country, the chapter provides an outline of Solomon Islands’ plural legal system. It looks first at the State legal system, before moving on to a brief introduction to customary law. The chapter explains the place of international law in the legal system and outlines the relevant conventions and protocols. It describes the patchwork of legislation which governs the age of majority. It then discussed the other domestic laws governing children, both in the context of protection of children and the promotion of their rights. With reference to relevant case law, it discusses how far the laws go to comply with Solomon Islands international obligations and to protect the rights of the child. It also looks at reciprocal obligations. The chapter concludes that there is an urgent need for comprehensive child rights legislation in Solomon Islands. However, rather than adopting a bill modelled on foreign legislation, this should be drafted to take into account the circumstances of Solomon Islands.

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