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Type Journal Article - Journal of Research & Health
Title The effect of needs assessment-based education on the fathers’ attitude about puberty of male adolescents
Volume 3
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
Page numbers 310-316
URL http://www.jrh.gmu.ac.ir/files/site1/user_files_6a63b6/m_moshki-A-10-3-1-bd44b5b.pdf
Adolescence is the most important stage of every individual,
and puberty is one of the most critical phenomena of this
period. According to the important role of parents in helping
children for safe and healthy transition of this stage, and the
first step in educational program is need assessment of target
group so, this study aimed to determine effect of need
assessment-based education on father's attitude toward puberty
health in male adolescents. This study is a quasi-experimental
and the field trial. After determining fathers’ educational needs
by separate descriptive survey, a one-day educational workshop
was planned. 30 subjects were randomly selected. Fathers'
opinion measured by a researcher-made questionnaire and
compared, before and after intervention. The data were
analyzed by statistical software SPSS using Chi-square, paired
t-test and Wilcoxon. The results indicates that there was a
significant difference between total mean score as well as level
of knowledge in pre-and post-intervention (P<0.001). There
was a significant difference between total mean score of
opinion about psychological-behavioral health and physical and
sexual health in pre-and post-intervention (P<0.001), but level
of opinion have no significant difference in before and after
intervention (P=0.4). The results showed that needs assessmentbased
educational program can promote the opinion of parents
about puberty period in male adolescents. This makes them
better able to help their children for healthy transition of this
critical period.

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