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Type Thesis or Dissertation - Master of Scince
Title “Flexibility” and “adaptability” in residential housing projects: case of Tabriz, Iran
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
URL https://polen.itu.edu.tr/bitstream/11527/3445/1/13202.pdf
Housing issue is so sensitive, subject to the whole range of cyclic, non-cyclic and
trend changes, and if it is not able to respond these changes, it becomes at best
unsatisfactory, at worst obsolescent. Dwelling is inevitably dynamic, although it is
too often framed intellectually and physically as the fixity.The vast majority of
housing, in the developing countries is being built in inflexibility with its
Traditional families with large number of people living in one unit, single-person
families, couples with no children are some types of those who need houses and are
in the low or medium class of the society.Deficiency in housing quantity has brought
the solution of standardization and has made families with variable needs live in the
same housing units with the same spatial conditions.
Flexibility issue has been brought to discredit the preponderance of public buildings
in 1960s by John Turner and John Habraken. In 1960s, Flexibility became a
widespread design key title in response to new demands placed on buildings,
particularly in housing.
This issue becomes bolder in the countries which had recently been under the effect
of urbanization, and their mega cities have experienced the rapid growth of
population as a consequence of the housing deficiency, recently.
The rapid growth of the quick construction of housing has been considered as the
solution for the deficiency of accommodation in Tabriz. However, the question is
“Are them flexible enough for their adapted residence in order to keep them satisfied
with their living place?”
Population growth and Housing demand have persuaded the priority for quantity not
for quality and not for preparing suitable houses which meet family’s need that
appear according to their gradual changes through the time.Adaptability and
Housing Flexibility which are the most vital issues for providing family’s
satisfaction have always been kept behind in planning, design and construction
process of housing system. Thus, the evaluation of housing and planning system, in
regard to their inhabitants opinion, who are the major characters in this research, it
may be possible to analyze the issue of housing flexibility in some housing projects
in one of the biggest cities of Iran, Tabriz, in order to present a resource for further

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