Geomorphic systems affecting the Kerman

Type Journal Article - Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Research
Title Geomorphic systems affecting the Kerman
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
Page numbers 6-11
According to geomorphic systems affecting the settlement of areas, including in the planning and urban
management. Due to the geographical location and structural the Kerman and performance of various systems of
agents, such systems are alluvial, Aeolian and morphotectonic Implementation and management of all development
plans need to be obsessively this space very carefully done. The incidence of serious risks such as ground
subsidence, loss of water resources, tectonic activity and Aeolian processes in the atmosphere is solid evidence of
this claim. Kerman is located at a point that many factors can affect its normal study of factors influencing the
reduction of environmental hazards can be effective. The purpose of this study demonstrates the effect of natural
factors and the impact of Kerman urban development on the intensity of negative factors affecting external. This
research is trying to use GIS techniques to evaluate geomorphic systems the Kerman range of factors influencing
the mapping of processes to check. The results show that morphotectonic systems, including Fluvial and Aeolian
systems are effective the Kerman. The maps show that the levels of native lands, and large parts of the Kerman
planar surfaces with low slope and covered with alluvial deposits and clay zones form. This can have a considerable
impact on the intensity of risks.

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