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Type Thesis or Dissertation - Master Thesis
Title Medical Pluralism in Peru—Traditional Medicine in Peruvian Society
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2010
URL http://bir.brandeis.edu/bitstream/handle/10192/23882/Borja-MastersThesisFinal.pdf?sequence=1
This work focuses on medical pluralism in Peru. Looking at the use of traditional medicine in Peru both in the rural and in the urban sectors, but looking specifically at the collaboration of the two, as can be seen in the case of the reduction of maternal mortality. The issues that Peru must confront in regards to the use of modern medicine and traditional medicine rely heavily on greater integration and cultural pluralism in order for there to be greater understanding and collaboration between traditional medicine and biomedicine. This work looks at the benefits that have come out of medical collaboration with a focus on maternal health and the impact the international community has had on these benefits. This work also recommends action to be taken in order to completely integrate the indigenous people as part of the greater Peruvian nation, specifically focused on Health.

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