Reproductive Health Survey Romania 1999. Final report.

Type Report
Title Reproductive Health Survey Romania 1999. Final report.
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2001
This is the final report of 1999 Romanian Reproductive Health (RH) Survey, which was conducted by the Romanian Association of Public Health and Health Management in collaboration with international donors. The survey was designed and implemented for the study of RH trends among the women aged 15-44 years and to document the RH of men aged 15-49 years. This survey document employs two separate probability samples to allow independent estimates for males and females covering an array of reproductive health topics, including a pregnancy history, abortion, childbearing, contraceptive use, maternal and child health, health behaviors and attitudes. The results presented in the document could inspire reflections on: the impact of consensual unions on reproductive and contraceptive behaviors, the levels of induced abortion as an indication of failed family planning (FP) efforts, the role of pregnancy intervals and pregnancy intention in achieving the desired family size, the reproductive health differentials among various subgroups, the need for integrated FP services and personnel training. - See more at:

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