Women in need of family planning services.

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Title Women in need of family planning services.
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Analysis of data from the 1993 Romanian Reproductive Health Survey indicates that 39% of reproductive age women and 55% of women in unions are at risk of unintended pregnancy. Unmet need is calculated at 8.5% for all reproductive age women and 11% among women currently in a union (1.9 million women in need of contraception). The highest need is among women living outside Bucharest, women currently in a union, women older than 24 years, women with low levels of education, women with 2 or more children, and women of low or medium socioeconomic status. The highest risk of unintended pregnancy occurs in rural areas among women 25-34 years old (66%) and women with 2 or more children (over 60%). Romania has high rates of unintended pregnancy. Over 66% of pregnancies are reported as unintended within the past 3 years. 95% of unintended pregnancies are terminated with an induced abortion. According to the Westoff definition unmet need for contraception is 6.8% among previously married women and 1.6% among unmarried women. 45.2% of women in a union are not in need of family planning due to sexual inactivity, current pregnancy or postpartum period, desired pregnancy, or infertility. Unmet need for any or more effective contraception is 39.1% and 54.8% among women in a union. 15.7% of previously married women and 5.2% of never married women have unmet need for any or more effective contraception.

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