Reproductive Health Survey: Georgia 2005. Final report.

Type Report
Title Reproductive Health Survey: Georgia 2005. Final report.
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2007
The 2005 Reproductive Health Survey (RHS) is the second population based national survey of this type conducted in Georgia. A sample of 6,376 women aged 15-44 years, were interviewed. The recent survey employed a sampling design geared toward providing independent regional estimates. The overall response rate was 99%. The questionnaire covered topics related to reproductive health for all women regardless of marital status, and included additional questions on family-life education and sexual behavior for women aged 15-24 years. Preliminary findings showed that Georgian women tend to become sexually experienced at marriage (only 3% of sexually experienced women aged 15-24 years reported premarital intercourse). Georgian women initiate and complete childbearing at early ages, with the highest fertility levels reported among 20-to 24-year-olds. Fifty-two percent of women who have been pregnant in the past five years reported that their last pregnancy was mistimed or unwanted. The survey found that the induced abortion rate was 3.1 abortions per woman. Contraceptive prevalence among Georgian women in union was the lowest among any of the former Soviet republics with survey data. Only 47% of women in union reported using any method of contraception during the month preceding the interview and little more than half of them used a modern method (27% of women in union), principally the IUD (12%) and condoms (9%). - See more at:

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