Study of characteristics of falls among Iranian elders

Type Journal Article - Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention
Title Study of characteristics of falls among Iranian elders
Volume 2
Issue 4
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
Page numbers 313-320
Background: Fall is a common and serious problem which affects the physical and psychological well-being of the aged. In Iran there is no any study on frequency of fall among the elderly in national level. The aim of this study was to estimate the frequency and pattern of fall in old people in Iran.

Material and Methods: This study was a national and population based study in Iran. A random sample of 1323 elderly people aged >= 60 years was included. The frequency of falls was assessed with a questionnaire and interview.

Results: The fall incidence among elder people was 25.5% (23/3% in men, 28% in women). About 21.36% were bone fractures. The difference between two groups (those who fall, those who no fall) was statistically significant in Insomnia, Imbalance, Visual impairment, pain, Alzheimer. And there was no significant difference in mean of age and gender groups.

Conclusion: Fall among elderly population is high in Iran. It is suitable that fall preventive interventions to be done for decreasing falls in elder populations. In addition, elder people need special attention by policy-makers to control mobility disability and physical functioning disability.

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