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Type Journal Article - Medical Journal of The Islamic Republic of Iran (MJIRI)
Title Developing a household survey tool for health equity: A practical guide in Islamic Republic of Iran
Volume 29
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
Page numbers 1236-1248
URL http://mjiri.iums.ac.ir/files/site1/user_files_e9487e/admin-A-10-1-935-087a366.pdf
Background: An obvious gradient in health outcomes has been implicated in many evidences relating
to social and economic factors. Proper data are requested to convince policy-makers calling for
intersectoral action for health. Recently, I.R. of Iran has come up with 52 health equity indicators to
monitor health equity through the country. Conducting regular surveys on 14 out of 52 national
health equity indicators is needed to provide a basis for the health inequality analysis through the
country. We aimed to introduce a survey tool and its related protocols on health equity indicators.
Methods: This study was conducted through addressing the literature and expertise of health and
demographic surveys at the national and international levels. Also, we conducted technical and consultative
committee meetings, a final consensus workshop and a pilot study to finalize the survey
Results: We defined the study design, sampling method, reliable questionnaires and instructions,
data collection and supervision procedure. We also defined the data analysis protocol on health equity
indicators, generated from non-routine data.
Conclusion: A valid and reliable tool, which could be employed at the national and sub-national
levels, was designed to measure health equity in Iran. Policy-makers can use this survey tool to generate
useful information and evidence to design appropriate required intervention and reduce health
inequality across the country.

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