Agricultural sample survey 2009/2010 (2002 e.c.)-area and production of crops

Type Corporate Author
Title Agricultural sample survey 2009/2010 (2002 e.c.)-area and production of crops
Volume 4
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2010
Page numbers 1-60
Publisher Central Statistical Agency
City Addis Ababa
Country/State Ethiopia
The sound performance of agriculture warrants the availability of food crops. This accomplishment in agriculture does not only signify the adequate acquisition of food crops to attain food security, but also heralds a positive aspect of the economy. In regard to this, collective efforts are being geared to securing agricultural outputs of the desired level so that self reliance in food supply can be achieved and disaster caused food shortages be contained in the shortest possible time in Ethiopia. The prime role that agriculture plays in a country's political, economic and social stability makes measures of agricultural productions extremely sensitive. Statistics collected on agricultural productions are, therefore, fraught with questions of reliability by data users. To tackle these questions convincingly and dissipate the misgivings of users, information on agriculture has to be collected using standard procedures of data collection. Upholding this principle, the Central Statistical Agency (CSA) has been furnishing statistical information on the country's agriculture since 1980/81 to alert policy interventionists on the changes taking place in the agricultural sector. As part of this task the 2009/10 (2002 E.C.) Agricultural Sample Survey (AgSS) was conducted to provide data on crop area and production of crops within the private peasant holdings for Meher Season of the specified year. The survey results are presented in this bulletin and other electronic media for data users. The report comprises three parts. Part I contains the objectives of this annual survey. Part II deals with coverage of the survey, sample design, field organization and method of data collection and Part III includes the survey results. Estimation procedures and formulation of estimates of totals, ratios and variance are presented in Appendix I. Estimates of the standard errors with the corresponding coefficients of variations for area and production of crops are presented in Appendix II. The numbers of agricultural households covered, number of parcels and fields measured are presented in appendix III and the survey questionnaires in Appendix IV.

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