Creating Literate School Communities: Vulindlela Reading Clubs

Type Working Paper
Title Creating Literate School Communities: Vulindlela Reading Clubs
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
The Vulindlela Reading Clubs were started to create conditions in community settings which inspire,
promote and support reading for enjoyment and the development of reading habits in mother tongue and
additional languages among children and adults. The aim is to create nurturing spaces which motivate
children to want to read and write and gives them a sense of identity and belonging. Over time, the
children realize that ‘we’ are adults who care enough to be there every week to play, read and write and
above all, listen to them. In this way children will become empowered to become literate in ways that help
to realise each individual’s potential to the fullest extent and that ultimately allows them full and
equitable social participation in all aspects of life.

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