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Type Journal Article - Entomofauna
Title A survey on pollinators bees (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) in parks and gardens of Shiraz city, Iran
Volume 2
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
Page numbers 53-64
URL http://www.zobodat.at/stable/pdf/ENT_0036_0053-0064.pdf
In this survey we collected specimens of pollinator bees of Apoidea (Hymenoptera) on
flowers of parks and gardens in Shiraz city’ (capital of Fars Province, Iran), in order to
species identification and determining of their species dispersal and feeding plants.
Despite of existing of barriers such as high buildings, roads, factories, communication
transceiver stations, vehicles, human population, radio and phone waves, etc., and
addition to weather and waves pollutions thus bees come to city limits to gather pollen
and nectar yet. Specimens of pollinator bees collected on cultivated permanent plant and
seasonal flowers in urban parks and gardens including Eram, Afif Abad, Jahan Nama,
Jannat, Delgosha, Razavi, Azadi, Golestan, Entezar, Shaghayegh and Besat. In total 31
species from superfamily Apoidea belonging to four families and 12 genera were
collected and identified. Also, 19 species of food plants providing pollen and/or nectar
for these bees were identified

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