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Type Journal Article - MAGNT Research Report
Title Evaluating the Position of Urban Waste Landfill Sites in Astara based on Olecno Index
Volume 2
Issue 7
Page numbers 2030-2034
URL http://brisjast.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Dec-116-2014.pdf
Wastes are of inevitable productions in any society and their management is one of the main
requirements of the community. One of the difficulties of urban management is finding suitable landfills
which not only have public acceptance but even they have the minimum environmental influences.
Leachate production and its influence on water resources, soil and river sediment are main health
problems in landfill sites. Choosing a suitable site for a landfill is a complex issue and it is necessary to
consider several factors such as the amount of annual waste, underground water depth, breadth, type of
soil, vegetation, etc. which are the most important factors. Like any other engineering project, waste
landfill engineering project requires basic information and a detailed schedule. In order to review and
assess the status of municipal waste landfill sites of Astara, a study in 2012 was done and the criteria used
for ranking was Olecno index. In this study, while visiting the landfills and according to parameters of
landfill waste, groundwater depth, soil type, vegetation, rainfall, etc. with Olecno method was evaluated.
The results of this study showed that urban waste landfill sites of Astra have earned 19 points, which is
located at an unacceptable level. At last performing solutions and programs of environmental management
for controlling and decreasing the influences of urban waste landfill site of Astara are presented.

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