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Type Conference Paper - Paris, CNAM - 23 - 24 - 25 avril 2014
Title An Assessment of Wind Energy Potential as a Power Generation Source for the City of Ardabil, Iran
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
URL https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Nima_Soltani4/publication/277714847_AN_ASSESSMENT_OF_WIND_ENERG​Y_POTENTIAL_AS_A_POWER_GENERATION_SOURCE_FOR_THE_CITY_OF_ARDABIL_IRAN/links/55716cda08ae2f213c224349​.pdf
The results are reported of an investigation of the potential of wind energy as a power source
for an Iranian north-western city, Ardabil. The Weibull probability distribution function using
a long term data source, consisting of six years (2005–2010) of three-hour period measured
mean wind data, is adopted and analyzed. The data have been measured at a height of 10 m
above the ground level. Also monthly and annual wind speed variations are analyzed. The
monthly mean wind speed is between 2.09 and 6.58 m/s, while the annual mean wind speed is
in the range of 3.28 to 4.08 m/s. The Ardabil site is found to have good characteristics from
perspective of mean wind speed. The numerical values of the shape and scale parameters for
Ardabil are seen to vary over a wide range. The monthly mean value of shape parameter (
is between 2.62 and 3.17, while the monthly mean value of the Weibull scale parameter (
) is
between 3.36 and 5.43 m/s. The results show that the months of October and September have
higher mean power densities and that July has a lower mean power density than other months.
Also, the wind potential of the studied region is determined to be very suitable for the off-grid
connections and could be acceptable for connecting to power grids.

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