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Type Journal Article - Pakistan Journal of Life and Social Sciences
Title Sexual Health Decisions Amongst Students of Some Tertiary Institutions in Lagos State, Nigeria
Volume 7
Issue 2
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2009
Page numbers 101-107
URL http://www.cabdirect.org/abstracts/20103065380.html
The study examined sexual health decisions
amongst students of some tertiary institutions in
Lagos State, Nigeria. With a sample of three
hundred students randomly selected using
stratified sampling technique, the study showed
that the age at sexual debut amongst these
students is as low as 12 years .While many
respondents (41.3%) got involved in early sex as
a result of attraction to their partner, some
(34.1%) were influenced by their peers. It was
discovered that there is significant relationship
between age at debut and circumstance leading
to the sexual involvement (?2
=31.705, p<0.05).
Feeling of guilt after the first sexual intercourse
was found not to be significantly related to age
at sexual debut (?2
=0.312, p>0.05) and also
involvement in unintended pregnancy is
independent of age at sexual debut (?2
p<0.05).The gender of the respondent is not
significantly related to age at first sexual
intercourse (?2
=1.849, p>0.05). About 86% of
the predicted outcomes were found to be
explained by the fitted regression line
(Nagelkerke R square = 0.866) which showed
that the probability that an individual student
admitted into a tertiary institution in Lagos
State is a function of many factors such as, Age
of respondent, Gender of the respondent,
Religion of the respondent, Ethnicity of the
respondent, Current Educational attainment of
the respondent, Current level at school,
Respondents opinion about unprotected sexual
involvement and many other factors.

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