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Type Journal Article - Acta Medica Philippina
Title Cost of Mass Drug Administration for Filariasis Elimination in the province of Sorsogon, Philippines
Volume 43
Issue 4
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2009
Page numbers 23-28
URL http://apamedcentral.org/Synapse/Data/PDFData/0012AMP/amp-43-4-23.pdf
Objective. Elimination efforts for lymphatic filariasis are underway
in the Philippines using mass drug administration (MDA) of
diethylcarbamazine and albendazole as one of the main strategies.
This cost analysis was done to determine the MDA implementation
cost and provide useful information to the control programme on
how to best utilize limited resources.
Methods. This cost analysis study was conducted in the province of
Sorsogon, Philippines in 2004. The study was done from a program
perspective. Cost data for 2003 was obtained retrospectively via
key informant interviews and records review using a standardized
guide from a multi-country cost analysis study of filariasis
elimination programs. Cost figures were classified as either
economic or financial costs and expressed in real terms using
2002 as base year. Sensitivity analysis was likewise performed.
Results. The total economic cost and cost per person treated with
MDA were estimated at US$223,549.55 (Php12,116,385.48) and
US$0.40, respectively. The financial costs were less than half of
the economic costs. The main cost driver was drug distribution.
The highest economic and financial costs were incurred at the
national (54.5%) and municipal (74.4%) levels, respectively. High
variation in costs of MDA activities was observed.
Conclusion. This cost analysis provides reasonable estimates
which may be used to assist government and other stakeholders
in program planning and resource generation for filariasis
elimination programs in endemic areas.

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