Need for biodiversity conservation in Nasarawa State, Nigeria

Type Journal Article - Biological Diversity and Conservation
Title Need for biodiversity conservation in Nasarawa State, Nigeria
Volume 2
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2009
Page numbers 14-20
This paper highlighted the need for biodiversity conservation in Nasarawa State. The data for this study were
collected from the State’s Ministry of Agriculture Headquarters. The data collected included the number of natural
forest reserves in the State, number of available forest guards and number of fish ponds in the State. The State has a
total of 41 natural forest reserves, 20 forest guards and 25 fish ponds. A bird eye review of conservation status of
biodiversity in Nasarawa State was also done. The study revealed a dismal conservation performance. All the natural
forest reserves were not protected. The State has only 20 forest guards to police a forest cover of 145, 228.12 hectares
which amounts to a ratio of 1 forest guards to 7,261 hectares. The only proposed game reserve is yet to be legally
constituted, as a result the fauna and flora within this enclave are exposed to poaching and massive exploitation. All the
25 fish ponds are not functional. Threats to conservation efforts and strategies for their mitigation were highlighted.
Appropriate recommendations were also made that can help Nasarawa State to come out of its lackluster biodiversity
conservation efforts. After all said and done, it is very pertinent that every country including Nigeria and Nasarawa
State in particular should take measures to ensure biodiversity conservation in order to forestall the extinction of the
very many valuables species that play major roles in the ecosystems.

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