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Type Thesis or Dissertation - Master of Arts
Title The Phenomenon of Widowhood in Ihechiowa: the Response of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2009
There comes a time in the life of a woman when life itself loses meaning.
This is when a woman’s husband dies. The burden of living the rest of
her life under a new relationship and responsibility becomes hazardous.
This thesis is on the phenomenon of widowhood in Ihechiowa, the
response of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria. The work was informed
by the numerous inhuman treatments like shaving of hairs, sleeping with
corpse, wearing of rages and confinement meted on the widows in
Ihechiowa. This work tries to know more about the causes of widowhood
and their plight and at the same time discover how Christianity could
serve as a vehicle of salvaging humanity in Ihechiowa. Furthermore, the
researcher attempted to create an awareness of the immense dangers
and implications of inhuman treatments on the widows especially as
time and season are exposing people to their rights and privileges. The
method of research used in the investigation was oral interview and the
use of written materials which includes both primary and secondary
sources. The data gathered from numerous journals and other sources
from the library and archives were sifted, selected, described and
analyzed. Other investigations reveals that widowhood is rampant
among the youth and aged people ie between (30-60) thirty to sixty
years. Moreso, it was discovered that some widows suffered emotional
trauma immediately they lost their husbands by death. The research
revealed that the plights of widows are being reduced due to the advent
of civilization and Christianity. In a related development, it was
discovered that the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria has not done much in
the areas of helping the widows overcome their plights. Nevertheless, it
was confirmed by investigation and data collected that some widowhood
experiences are as a result of ignorance and tradition. The work
therefore contributes significantly to the increase of people’s knowledge
on the causes of widowhood. This will help the young people intending
to marry to consider issues like age gap, education, cultural, traditional
differences and religious beliefs etc before entering into marriage.

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