Human resources: A new dimension of cooperation between India and the Philippines

Type Journal Article - Journal of Geography and Regional Planning
Title Human resources: A new dimension of cooperation between India and the Philippines
Volume 5
Issue 3
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
Page numbers 80-92
Undoubtedly, human resources are emerging as one of the major sources in contributing to the national
gross domestic product (GDP) of any country and with special reference to a developing country like
India. This phenomena is also creating another dimension of the economy called ‘knowledge economy’.
Many developing countries from Asia have been recording their highest growth rates of their
economies, since the last decade of the 20th century and they have sustained the growth rates even in
the global economic recession. New trends of emergence of new economies, new areas of employment,
new sources of resources and increasing trends of growing demand for technology (information
technology) are the inspiration to look into the size and quality of human resources of any country. The
Philippines is one of the emerging economies of Asia and more specifically from Southeast Asia. It has
been proved across the world with its huge fleet of global employment specifically known in the field of
nursing. With this backdrop, this paper is an attempt to analyze the trends and patterns of qualified
graduates, employment and employment rates. At the same time, special emphasis has also been made
to have a comparative study between India and the Philippines in terms of their education system, which
may be one area of concern in promoting the quality of education and also a source of employment
creation at global level. This paper also identified education as one of the prime areas of cooperation
between India and the Philippines.

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