An assessment of the quality of intra-urban bus services in the city of Enugu, Enugu state, Nigeria

Type Journal Article - Theoretical and Empirical Researches in Urban Management
Title An assessment of the quality of intra-urban bus services in the city of Enugu, Enugu state, Nigeria
Issue 15
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2010
Page numbers 74-91
Despite the vital role that buses are able to play in any urban area, their services are frequently insufficient to meet
demand and the services that are provided suffer from low output. This paper assesses the quality of intra-urban
bus services that are provided by government agencies and private bus operators in the city of Enugu as
perceived by bus commuters.
In the 31 sample centres selected for this study 310 bus commuters were randomly interviewed to illicit information
about their lengths of waiting time for the arrival of buses at the bus stops and their lengths of walking distances to
the nearest bus stops. Using hourly bus frequency arrival count proforma, the number of buses arriving in each of
the 31 sampled centres to carry passengers to different places in the city were collected by the stationed
investigators between 6.00am and 6.00pm each day for one week. Descriptive statistic of mean and maps were
employed to analyze the data collected. The analysis revealed that the quality of bus service indicatorspassengers
waiting time, walking distance to the nearest bus stops and bus service frequency varied from one
centre to another, indicating variations in the level of bus services in different part of the city. The study
recommends that the three Local Government Areas that make up the city in conjuction with the state government
should construct new urban link roads and maintain the old ones especially in the peripheries to enhance
accessibility; partnership with private bus operators to increase the number of buses in circulation and relocation
of some socio-economic facilities from the city centre to the city peripheries to spread demand for and services of
buses in the city.

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