Mineral Content of Commonly Ingested Beverages and Borehole Water in Nnewi, Nigeria

Type Journal Article - International Journal of Health and Nutrition
Title Mineral Content of Commonly Ingested Beverages and Borehole Water in Nnewi, Nigeria
Volume 1
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2010
Page numbers 7-12
URL http://www.academyjournal.net/asj/index.php/IJHN/article/download/28/36
We examined the chemical status of commonly ingested beverages including borehole (ground water) in Nnewi, Nigeria with respect to
these ions, K+
, Na+
, Ca2+, Mg2+ and pH values and hence to ascertain the nutrient value of these elements in water.
Using a market basket method fifty commonly consumed beverages (one per sample) purchased from stores in Nnewi, Anambra State,
Nigeria, were used for the study. The beverages were divided into two groups of Nigerian made and imported beverages. Borehole water
samples were also collected from the four major communities in Nnewi namely Otolo, Umudim, Uruagu and Nnewiichi. Flame photometry
was used in the metal analysis in all the samples and the pH of the water was measured. The pH ranged from 6.27-6.88 in Otolo, 6.40- 7.30
in Uruagu, 6.68-7.50 in Nnewiichi and 6.01-6.69 in Umudim. Na+ and K+
(mg/dl) ranged from 2.30 found in Umudim -13.30 found in
Uruagu and 3.51 in Umudim -6.24 in Uruagu respectively. Highest level of Ca2+ was 76.80 found in Uruagu and lowest was 10.00 mg/dl in
Umudim, Mg2+ ranged from 10.94 in Otolo -18.95 in Uruagu. Chivita Orange Juice had highest level 828mg/dl of Na+ and SQUAD 5 had
780.0 mg/dl of K+. Ca2+ and Mg2+ were highest in Vita Vita Apple Drink (113.6mg/dl) and Maltina Sip-it (34.51mg/dl) respectively.
Imported beverages had minerals ranged from 46-690 mg/dl (Na+), 19.5- 780mg/dl (K+), 40.8-136.4mg/dl (Ca2+) and 12.64 – 23.57mg/dl of
Mg2+ . The results of this study suggest that borehole water and beverages may be important dietary sources of Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+ and K+

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