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Type Journal Article - International Journal of the Physical Sciences
Title Open wells, sanitary features, pollutions and water qualities: Case study of Ibadan slums, Nigeria
Volume 6
Issue 13
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
Page numbers 3062-3073
URL http://www.academicjournals.org/article/article1380703696_Ochieng et al.pdf
The study was carried out to assess the well waters, their sanitary features, prevailing pollutions and
water qualities in some communities in the South- east Local Government Area of Ibadan metropolis,
Nigeria. A random selection of houses in the area with forty shallow hand dug wells grouped into eight
zones was considered. Structured questionnaires and oral interviews were used to gather information
and data apart from physical inspection. Sanitary features of the well considered were lining, apron,
cover and water drawing buckets. Well water sampling and quality tests were done during the dry
season and parameters such as total solids, suspended solids, total hardness and coli form count were
determined, using various laboratory methods. Findings showed that most of the wells are grossly
polluted by unsanitary practices such as unsanitary maintenance of wells and their features, proximity
to potential pollution sources such as pit latrines, indiscriminate dumping of refuse and poor
sanitation. These communities are therefore prone to health risks, because of their dependence on
these sources, thus there is need for improvement and in some cases reconstruction of the wells and
well waters treatment.

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