Chinese Perspectives on Aging in the People's Republic of China.

Type Working Paper
Title Chinese Perspectives on Aging in the People's Republic of China.
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 1985
This document consists of the following three papers:
(1) "Aging in the People's Republic of China" (Liang), including a
22-item bibliography; (2) "The Reform of China's Social Security
System for the Elderly" (Chuanyi); and (3) "Developing Research on
Aging in China" (Jihui). The first paper briefly outlines the history
of gerontology in China, describes characteristics of the older
Chinese population, explains population aging, describes old age
support in both rural and urban areas, describes nonfamily provision
for the elderly, and expresses concerns for the elderly Chinese of
the future. The second paper considers the part in China's
2,000-year-old tradition played by family structure and respect for
the elderly, describes the Chinese retirement system, explains
reforms being considered ror the retirement and insurance systems,
lists activities in which the elderly are being encouraged to engage,
mentions a university set up exclusively for the aged, recommends
traditional exercises to help the elderly become healthier, and
discusses types of activities that can be devised to make the life of
the elderly more enjoyable. The third paper describes the Chinese
response to the social problems posed by the elderly, explains the
important role and the characteristics of the elderly, and discusses
problems yet to be solved. Among them are elderly support, widowhood
support, management of retirees, improvement of the social service
for the elderly, and keeping up the moral standard.

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