The church in China and contemporary Christian strategy

Type Thesis or Dissertation - Masters Theses
Title The church in China and contemporary Christian strategy
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 1987
Chinese Christians were shut off from the Church outside
China for over 80 years. Ignorance of what was happening to
believers inside China meant that Christians in other
countries could neither share in the suffering of their
brothers and sisters nor learn from their experiences. Now
that the door has been opened for limited communication,
members of the global church are asking what the background
is and what is going on in the Chinese Church in order to
develop a meaningful fellowship with Chinese Christians.
This thesis will not only answer these kinds of questions,
but further discussion will be given on such topics as what
is happening to the Church in China, how Christians outside
of China can help, and what the strategy should be for
reaching China with the Gospel.
There is excitement in evangelical circles relating to
the rapid developments in China. Plans are being prayerfully
·for-mu la.t('?d i.·iI the II board l-ooms II of some mi ss ion SCIC i l?2t i. f?S.
Others, seeing the enormous promotional value of a Chinamainland
Chinese and a Christian of the house church, the
writer would like to contribute his knowledge about the
Church in China and what he considers to be workable
strategies for a Chinese ministry.
Christians outside of China have heard about Christians
in China and have been praying for them for years. Now that
the door is open, Ch0istians are eager to help the Chinese.
But an action without caution might bring trouble to Chinese
Christians in these uncertain days of continued control and
change of religious practices. To be a Christian in China
today is a very serious thing, a matter affecting all of
life. Chinese Christians for the sake of their faith and
love of Jesus Christ have gone through problems that can
hardly be imagined. Also, the actions of American and other
foreign Christians toward the Chinese Church will reflect on
the whole Christian scene in the eyes of the government.
Therefore, it is necessary to understand the Church in China
and its strategies for Chinese
The Church outside of China is generally quite different
from the Church inside of China. A great gap has developed
between the two. The Church in China has been forced to
develop along specific lines which in most instances are
quite different from that which is seen in the Church outside
of China. Therefore, in order to help the Church in China,
emphasis should be placed on understanding the Chinese mind
under the influence of Communism since 1949 as well as the
Chinese Church in its present situation, culture, and
opportunity. These are the keys which will help open the
door to an effective Chinese ministry.
Christians should also be aware of the potential for
dlsaster. Some of the information coming into America
concerning the programs that are currently being rushed for
the evangelization of China are formulas for disaster. The
writer can see the mistakes of the past, all without
exception, being repeated in some of these plans. They
brought disaster in the past and will probably lead to the
same end again. There are two factors in this disaster. One
is the strong anti-Communist bias of many evangelical
Christians who seem to be burdened for the eternal souls of
the Chinese people. The second relates to promotional
mistakes which are desired for their promotional impact
rather than for their true value to help the Chinese people.
Christians must carefully weigh every move they make now
and in the future. The actions and reactions made today will
playa significant role in China's future. At present, the
future of Chinese evangelism is a blank slate. Christians
should not be guilty of staining that slate because of
carelessness or a lack of prayerful planning.
God's strategies are the solution for avoiding disaster.
Christians have a tremendous advantage in considering
strategies. Because they have the Word of God, the only
source of values and absolutes, they can appropriately
develop strategies. God has ordained the means as well as
those who will be saved. Christians can rest in the
confidence that God's plans will be done.

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