Evaluation of drug utilization patterns and patient care practices

Type Journal Article - West African Journal of Pharmacy
Title Evaluation of drug utilization patterns and patient care practices
Volume 22
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
Page numbers 36-41
URL https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ehijie_Enato/publication/228618232_Evaluation_of_drug_utilizati​on_patterns_and_patient_care_practices/links/0912f50a9502e71251000000.pdf
Background: Evaluation of medication use practice is an important aspect of patient care, which also serves as a
measure of the quality of care provided for patients.
Objectives: To assess drug prescribing and patient care practices at the outpatient section of a major referral
hospital in Lokoja, Nigeria
Methods: The study was conducted at the Federal Medical Center, Lokoja, Kogi State, Nigeria. A retrospective
review of outpatient prescription sheets for twelve months period was undertaken. Also, patient care practices
and health facility indicators, including consultation and dispensing times, waiting and revenue times, patient's
knowledge of their medications, and availability of key essential drugs, were evaluated. Data analysis was done
using the World Health Organization guideline for assessment of drug use in health facilities.
Results: The average number of drugs per encounter was 2.94; percentage of encounters with an antibiotic
prescribed was 51.0 %. Only 37 % of drugs were prescribed by generic names, while 82.3 % of the prescriptions
were from the essential drug list. The mean consultation and dispensing times were 5.5 minutes and 77.9
seconds, respectively. 53.1 % of the patients knew the names of their dispensed medications, while slightly over
half of them knew the dosage regimen, and none knew the side effects.
Conclusion: Pharmaceutical prescribing patterns and patient care practices were found to be inappropriate.
Similar to reports from other parts of the country, there was lack of compliance with the principles of essential
drug. We recommend greater emphasis on clinical pharmacology and rational drug use in undergraduate
curricula of medical and pharmacy schools in the country.

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