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Type Journal Article - Asian Journal of Information Technology
Title The Information Value of Traditional Tiv Music and Dance in the Age of Modern Communication Technologies
Volume 10
Issue 3
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
Page numbers 101-107
URL http://www.medwelljournals.com/fulltext/?doi=ajit.2011.101.107
This study focuses on the information value of traditional Tiv music and dance in the age of modern communication technologies. The question that guides the analysis is whether traditional Tiv music and dance still provide valuable information at a time which the modern means of communication are credited for providing rapid, spontaneous and swift information on virtually all issues affecting human society directly or indirectly. The analysis argues in support of the idea that traditional Tiv music and dance provide information (though not as rapid, swift and spontaneous as modem means of communication) which contributes to the socio-economic and political development in Tiv society. This information takes the form of education and mobilization of the people. The information is relevant to the people because of the popularity of traditional music and dance among the people. Similarly, the problems of low credibility and information and technological gaps associated with modern means of communication give an added advantage to acceptability and popularity of traditional Tiv music and dance in Tiv society. Traditional Tiv musicians and dancers seize the opportunity of the acceptability and popularity of the music and dance to send across to the people information on social, economic and political affairs that directly and indirectly affect their lives.

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