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Type Journal Article - European Journal of Business and Management
Title Women’s Political Participation and Politics of Disempowerment in Abia State of Nigeria
Volume 4
Issue 20
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
Page numbers 1-9
URL http://pakacademicsearch.com/pdf-files/ech/517/1-9 Vol 4, No 20 (2012).pdf
The paper examines women's political participation in Abia State of Nigeria with a view to determining the
factors that constrain women’s equal representation in the political system. Women's political involvement in
Abia State has remained increasingly low in spite of decades of struggle to ensure gender equity and women’s
empowerment. This paper in addition to other known factors, situates the problem on the present trend of
designating specific portfolios to women, which was intended to provide the women the opportunity of being
represented in the policy making positions and processes in the polity. This in the opinion of the paper
undermines, if not completely diminishes women’s drive to vie or aspire for other contestable (and even
appointable) positions which would advance gender equity. In other words boxing women into one position
dooms their chances. It is the view of the paper that there is need for a paradigm shift from the hitherto
empowerment agenda to providing level playing ground that would enthrone gender equity. This has become
necessary in view of the fact that women participation in politics has a potential of driving more and reasonable
resource into community and national development. This study relied on the Chronological Analytic Approach
in analysis and adopted the theory of representation as its theoretical guide.

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