Effect of irrigation and drought on agricultural productivity in Kwara State, Nigeria

Type Journal Article - Advances in Agriculture & Botanics
Title Effect of irrigation and drought on agricultural productivity in Kwara State, Nigeria
Volume 4
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
Page numbers 6-9
URL http://see-articles.ceon.rs/data/pdf/2066-7639/2012/2066-76391201006E.pdf
. This study analyzed the effect of irrigation and drought on agricultural production and estimated their impact on crops production
in Kwara state, Nigeria. A total of 80 farmers were randomly selected in the study area. A well structured questionnaire and interview schedules
were used for data collection. Data collection was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Descriptive statistics used include
tables and percentages, while the inferential statistics such as logit regression was used to test the hypothesis in relation to the impact of irrigation
and drought on agricultural productivity. The study revealed that many of the farmers (40.8%) were between the age ranges of 51-60 years.
It showed that 82.5% of the respondents were female and 51.9% of the respondents were Christian. A percentage of 77.5% respondents were
married, 31.3% of them had no formal education, and 49.1% of them had family size between 6-10 members. As much as 53.8% of them had
farming as their major occupation. The study further revealed that 49.7% of the farmers used ditch irrigation. The result of the logit regression
showed that age of the respondents was statistically significantly at 1%, sex was significant at 10%, while household size and total area cultivated
were statistically significant at 5% levels respectively. While irrigation increases the yield of crops drought reduces the yield of crops,
increases food shortage and decreases the cultivated land area available for agricultural production in the study area.

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