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Type Journal Article - Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences
Title Ethnic Conflicts, Democratic Governance and Administration in Nigeria: The Relevance of Hislope’s Generosity Moments Theory as a Solution
Volume 4
Issue 11
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
Page numbers 356-369
URL http://www.mcser.org/journal/index.php/mjss/article/download/1309/1338
Ethnic conflicts are not new in Nigeria. They have existed in the regions long before British colonization of the various ethnic
nationalities that comprise the country. The persistence of ethnic conflicts in Nigeria has become a threat to peace, unity and
democratic governance and administration in Nigeria. This paper examines the nature and causes of ethnic conflicts in
Nigeria’s political processes and how these conflicts have militated against the development of democracy and public
administration in the country. It also examines the efforts made by the various governments in the country to resolve the
problem; and finally examines how the application of Hislope’s “generosity moments” theory to the Nigerian situation could
serve as a solution to ethnic conflicts in the nation’s political processes and democratic governance in the country as earlier
adopted solutions have been ineffective. The paper finds that there are structural factors inherent in the Nigerian federation
that militate against the resolution of ethnic conflicts and consolidation of democracy in the country which would also militate
against the working of Hislope’s generosity moments theory and recommends some structural adjustments in the
nation’sconstitution as a solution to ethnic conflicts and democratic governance in the country. The paper concludes that if the
structural adjustments are made, the Hislope’s generosity moments theory would provide an adequate solution to the problem
of ethnic conflicts and democratic governance in Nigeria.

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