From Discrimination To Rehabilitation

Type Journal Article - Indian Journal of Applied Research
Title From Discrimination To Rehabilitation
Volume 6
Issue 3
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
Page numbers 516-518
Manual scavenging is one of the most filthiest job that goes against the humanity. Although it's banned
in India, the stigma and discrimination associated with it lingers on making it difficult to survive for liberated
manual scavengers. The issue of manual scavenging should not only be addressed as a psychosocial but also as
an environmental issue. Manual scavenging remains a complicated socio-economic problem, which not only requires
adequate funding for its redressal but need a “radical change of mental outlook”. It needs very special attention for
their liberation and upliftment. It can happen by the provision of alternative livelihoods, abolishment of dry toilets and
imparting free education to children. This paper examines from discrimination to rehabilitation of manual scavengers.

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