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Type Journal Article - International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research
Title Socioeconomic Factors Influencing Profitability Of Cattle Marketing In Gombe Metropolis, Nigeria
Volume 2
Issue 12
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
Page numbers 288-292
URL http://d.researchbib.com/f/cnq3q3Yzydp3ElYz9lMl9znJ5uoP1jpzyhqP9xMJZlZQRmY1AiL2yiMJAioz9gnJZgEzSwqT9​lpl1WozMfqJIhL2yhMl1Dpz9znKEuLzyfnKE5YH9zYHAuqUEfMF1ALKWeMKEcozpgFJ4gE29gLzHgGJI0pz9jo2kcpl1BnJqypzy​uYaOxMt.pdf
The study examined the socioeconomic factors influencing profitability of cattle marketing in Gombe, Nigeria. A sample of forty cattle
traders was randomly selected in 2010 in the area on which structured interview-schedule method was employed to collect data that were analyzed
using descriptive statistics and regression model. Results indicated that respondents’ age, length of experience in cattle marketing and capital level were
41.58 years, 14.15 years and N 351,895.00 respectively, while majority of them (42.00%) acquired non-formal type of education. Furthermore the result
showed that purchase cost of cattle and duration of keeping the cattle, significantly, affected profits at 0.001 and 0.05 respectively; while 77.7percent of
the variations in profit were caused by the included independent variables. The study therefore recommends that for increased profit level, traders shall
concentrate more on the large size cattle and shall be keeping them longer period for fattening before reselling.

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