Spatial Price Analysis of Paddy Rice in Ebonyi North Zone of Ebonyi State, Nigeria

Type Journal Article - Journal of Business and Management
Title Spatial Price Analysis of Paddy Rice in Ebonyi North Zone of Ebonyi State, Nigeria
Volume 8
Issue 3
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
Page numbers 50-53
URL, Odo, and Igberis​2013.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y
The study analysed the spatial price of paddy rice in Ebonyi North Zone of Ebonyi State. Data were
collected using structured questionnaires administered on 120 paddy rice marketers purposively selected from
the 8 markets locations in four Local Government Areas in the zone. Data collected were analyzed using
descriptive and inferential statistical tools such as mean, percentage, frequency, simple regression and factor
analysis. The result of the analysis shows that there exists spatiality in the prices of paddy rice in the zone. And
that market locations, cost of transportation, availability of storage facilities, density of paddy buyers, market
information, market organisation, and individual price fixing are the major factors influencing spatial price of
paddy rice. The result equally shows that with the coefficient of multiple determination (R2
) of 0.768; about 77%
in the total variations in the quantity of paddy rice sold was influenced by spatial price in the area. Despite the
spatiality of prices in the markets the coefficients of elasticity in each of the market locations were elastic; thus
depicting that that in every N1 increase in the price of paddy rice will result into a unit increase in the quantity
of paddy rice marketed. Consequent upon the general profitability of paddy rice marketing in the area, the
individual Local Government Area market analysis shows that marketing of paddy rice is most profitable in
Ohaukwu LGA. Based on the findings, the study recommended the provision of marketing infrastructures such
as good roads to enhance easy delivery of paddy to the point of demand. Again, government marketing agency
should provide and enforce the use of a standard unit of measure to enhance uniformity in the price of paddy in
the area.

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