Assessment of cost and returns of cattle marketing in central zone of Adamawa State, Nigeria

Type Journal Article - British Journal of Marketing Studies
Title Assessment of cost and returns of cattle marketing in central zone of Adamawa State, Nigeria
Volume 1
Issue 4
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
Page numbers 1-10
The study was to assess the cost and returns in cattle marketing in central Adamawa
State, Nigeria. Data for this study were collected from activities of cattle marketer for the year 2012.
The data were collected using structured questionnaire. One hundred and twenty (120) Cattle
marketers were administered with questionnaires. A total of Ninety questionnaires were used for
analyzed. However, both descriptive (frequency, percentage and mean) and inferential statistics was
used for analyzing the data generated from the study. Analysis of the structure and performance of
cattle marketers was done using Gini coefficient and marketing margin analysis. The results obtained
from the study revealed that, performance of cattle marketers which was analyzed using marketing
margin techniques was found to be 9.09 percent. This indicates that, marketers obtained 9.09 percent
of the final sales which is paid by the consumers. Also, the analysis of seller concentration of cattle
marketing shows that, a Gini coefficient of 0.65 was obtained. The relatively high Gini coefficient
which by the analysis tends to approach one (1) is a clear indication of inequality in earnings from
the sales of the animals and high marketing concentration. The study therefore recommends that,
marketers should form / strengthening their associations and cooperatives for extensive information
sharing and in-leading between and among members, government at all levels should also be willing
to provide information to marketers and researchers so as to help in addressing the problems
associated with cattle marketing for necessary support and legislations

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