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Type Journal Article - Vietnam Social Sciences
Title Overview of the current socio-cultural life in the rural area of vietnaman
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
URL http://www.vjol.info/index.php/VSS/article/viewFile/23868/20407
Over the 25 years of Doi Moi, despite the significant achievement in
economic growth, the material and spiritual life of rural residents in Vietnam remains
disproportionately poor. These have resulted in many critical social problems. The
paper serves as an assessment of the five-year implementation of the Party’s Resolution
No.26 to configure the cultural and social portrait of rural Vietnam nowadays.
The study results revealed not only a tendency of rapid poverty alleviations, but
also indicated income improvement and better standards of living of rural people.
Level of expenditure has increased for all social strata; the amount of expenses has
been found greater for many households. Social positivity of rural residents has also
been observed through their participation in political social organizations and
voluntary associations which provided a network of support and protection for the
people themselves. This has put forward new policy requirements to develop rural
culture towards advancement, modernity and national rich identity.

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