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Type Journal Article - International Archives of Integrated Medicine,
Title A study on adherence to dietary guidelines, treatment and preventive care among diabetic patients
Volume 3
Issue 5
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
Page numbers 166-173
URL http://iaimjournal.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/iaim_2016_0305_27.pdf
Back ground: It is human tendency to obey doctor’s advice to get relief from suffering, however
once the symptoms subside they don’t follow instructions. In case of chronic diseases such as
diabetes, hypertension, cerebrovascular disease the treatment is lifelong and for a quality life the
patients suffering with chronic problem should adhere to the treatment guidelines in strict compliance.
Unless patient understands the importance of adherence to treatment guidelines it is very difficult to
prevent various complications due to diabetes.
Objectives: To find out factors responsible for non adherence to treatment and dietary guidelines
among type 2 diabetes patients.
Materials and methods: 200 known diabetic patients attending diabetic clinic in a teaching hospital
were subjected to a pre tested questionnaire and information was collected by interviewing the
Results: A total of 200 (101 male and 99 female) patients were studied and assessment of adherence
to dietary guidelines and treatment regimen in terms of demographic, anthropometric, nutrition
survey, treatment and preventive and personal care was done. Adherence to dietary and treatment
guidelines was significantly high in literate group to that of illiterate group, with ‘p’ value < 0.0005.
Strong family history in male sex with chi square value after Yates correction 19.49 and ‘p’ value was

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