Dynamics of youth unemployment outlook in south sudan

Type Thesis or Dissertation - Master of Arts
Title Dynamics of youth unemployment outlook in south sudan
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
URL https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Proloy_Barua/publication/299730609_Factors_Affecting_Technology​_Adoption_among_Smallholder_Maize_Farmers_in_Tanzania/links/57048ae408ae13eb88b68ed7.pdf
This paper aims at exploring the Dynamics of Youth Unemployment Outlook in South Sudan
through a case study approach by assessing the nature and extent of youth unemployment
problem, the major factors contributing to youth unemployment, the impact of the various
policies, legal frameworks and programs that have been implemented for purposes of addressing
youth unemployment, and recommendations of the alternatives policies and programs that can
address youth unemployment in South Sudan.
As this paper asserts, there is a growing global concern about youth unemployment as the global
economy is being threatened by the challenge of creating productive jobs in a bid to sustain
economic growth and maintain social cohesion. Further, the implications of youth
unemployment are both social economic and political and as such ignoring the roles played by
the youth in the society amounts to threatening the very survival of a country like South Sudan.
The problem of youth unemployment is also one of the few development and policy concerns
that are common to both developing and developed countries, especially during this period when
the study is undertaken. The study is also concerned with the concept of the youth bulge which
has been seen as a common phenomenon in many developing countries.
In South Sudan it has been established that unemployment levels are higher among the youth.
The prevalence of youth unemployment in South Sudan with its associate factors continues to
entangle the South Sudanese society. Its negative impact is posing complex economic, political,
environmental, social and moral policy issues for South Sudan. Addressing youth employment
will mean better utilization of human capital, reduction in the growing social problems and
improving the diminishing economic growth for South Sudan. Key conceptual framework issues
for addressing unemployment in South Sudan are; employment creation, employability,
entrepreneurship, and equal opportunity and acceleration of inclusive economic growth.

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