Environmental Effects of Poultry Production In Edo State, Nigeria

Type Journal Article - American Journal of Experimental Agriculture
Title Environmental Effects of Poultry Production In Edo State, Nigeria
Volume 4
Issue 12
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 1773-1782
URL https://www.researchgate.net/profile/REUBEN_ADEOLU_ALABI/publication/264686254_Environmental_effect_​of_poultry_production_in_Edo_State/links/5416cfc00cf2788c4b35e973.pdf
This study was designed to investigate the environmental hazards associated with poultry
production among poultry farmers in Edo State. To carry out the investigation, a total of
366 respondents made up of 122 poultry owners, 122 poultry farm workers and 122
poultry farm neighbours were randomly selected. Multiple regression and chi-square tests
were the statistical tools used for the analyses. The results of the study revealed that only
12.3% of the farms were located at least 500 metres away from living houses as
recommended by Environmental Protection Agency. The major complaint about poultry
farms by neighbours (74.6%) were bad odour with majority of the farmers (55.7%) and
workers (51.6%) adopting the use of covering of nose for protection from bad odour. The
regression analysis indicated that age of the complainant had negative and significant
relationship with frequency of environmental hazard complaint (b=0.387, P<0.05). The
relationship between distance of poultry farms and living houses on hazard complaint was
also negative and significant (b=-0.418, P<0.05). The significance and negative
relationship between the poultry farms and number of complaint was also confirmed by
chi-square test (?cal2 = 121.3 = ?tab2 =15.1). The study concludes that the environmental
hazard posed by the establishment of poultry farming is high in Edo due to the fact commercial poultry houses are located too close to residential houses. The study then
recommends the need for Edo State Ministries of Health and Environment to ensure that
the poultry farms are located at least about half a kilometer far from the living houses. The
huge waste generated by the poultry farms in Edo State can also be converted to
inorganic manure using modern recycling facilities.

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