Women Empowerment and Intra-household Dietary Diversity in Nigeria

Type Working Paper
Title Women Empowerment and Intra-household Dietary Diversity in Nigeria
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
URL http://www.afridev.org/RePEc/agd/agd-wpaper/Women-Empowerment-and-Intra-household-Dietary-Diversity-​in-Nigeria.pdf
This study used a nationally representative survey from the 2012-2013 World Bank’s General
Household Survey for Nigeria, to examine the relationship between empowerment, measured
using a modification of the Alkire et al. (2013) empowerment index, and household dietary
diversity, based on the FAO groupings of food intake within the household. Accounting for
potential endogeneity of empowerment, as well as using both the non-parametric regression and
the traditional least square regression, we find that increases in empowerment are positively
associated with household dietary diversity. Overall, household that are female biased in terms of
share of female within the household, and those that favour female leadership tend to have higher
significant improvement in their dietary intake with empowerment. On the contrary,
empowerment generates a small proportion of male dietary diversity.

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