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Type Journal Article - Pakistan Journal of Life and Social Sciences
Title An assessment of adoption level of mothers regarding immunization of their children among minorities in rural areas of district Faisalabad
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2010
URL http://pjlss.edu.pk/pdf_files/2010_2/106-110 (Farooq).pdf
It is well said that children are considered the future masons of the country and healthy brain is found in a healthy body. Healthy generations can be produced by giving knowledge of immunization to mothers. The main objective of the present study was to find out the reasons of non-adoption & incomplete adoption of the immunization practices and to identify the best sources of information about child immunization among minorities. A sample of 160 Christian minorities was selected conveniently from District Faisalabad through multistage sampling techniques. The result showed a significant and strong association between the mother socio-economic status and practice of immunization. A huge majority of the respondents 93.1% tried to immunize their children and 39% respondents could not complete the whole immunization course. A mainstream of the respondents 41.3% got information about immunization through L.H.V/ L.H.W and Vaccinators. Data exhibited that higher income, education, role of advertisement, knowledge about basic health units were the factors that had greatly affected the adoption level of immunization of the children.

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