Gender Differences in Child Labour in Ethiopia

Type Working Paper
Title Gender Differences in Child Labour in Ethiopia
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
URL Differences in Child​Labour in Ethiopia.pdf
Child labour has a strong link with children´s well-being, education, production system and culture of the society. It also has implications on the country’s level of development. This paper looks at gender differences in child labor in Ethiopia having analysed data obtained from 77,008 children of age 5 to 17 included in the 2013 National Labour Force Survey. Findings of the study reveal that there are statistically significant differences in child labour in Ethiopia across gender, age group, educational level, living arrangements and region of residence. Girls are involved in labour quite often than boys due to heavy labour demand at the household level among females than males. Given the fact that gender differences in child labour have impact on girls’ academic achievements and active participation in acquiring knowledge whilst in the school system, there is an urgent call for devising mechanisms of introducing and improving household labour saving technologies.

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