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Type Conference Paper - The 3rd Human and Social Sciences at the Common Conference
Title Fuel Poverty Challenges in Serbia: Evidence from the Suburban Settlement of Kaluđerica
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
URL http://hassacc.com/archive/?vid=1&aid=2&kid=150301-176
Nowadays, fuel poverty is a globally recognized social
and energy problem which is significantly influenced by low
household incomes and high energy prices, as well as the built
form elements. Although official data indicate that the average
household in Serbia is a fuel poor household, namely that it
spends more than 10% of its monthly income on energy services,
this issue is not sufficiently addressed in national policies and
academic research. This paper indicates the vulnerability to fuel
poverty of people living in illegally built suburban areas in
Serbia. The results of the survey conducted in the settlement of
Kaluđerica on the outskirts of Belgrade show a low level of
energy efficiency and high car fuel consumption as key factors
affecting the pronounced burden of fuel spending within family
budgets. Due to inefficient heating systems and inadequate
energy performances of buildings, many households are forced to
use risky methods of energy saving that can have harmful effects
on their health, and also erode their quality of life.

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