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Type Journal Article - Journal of Virology and Microbiology
Title Feminization of Poverty in Palliative Care Giving of People Living with HIV and AIDS and Other Debilitating Diseases in Botswana. A Literature Review
Volume 2013
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
Page numbers j1-7
URL http://www.ibimapublishing.com/articles/JVM/2013/772210/772210.pdf
Feminization of poverty in care giving of people living with HIV and AIDS and other debilitating
diseases has attracted local, national and international concerns in an endeavour to surmount the
challenge of poverty among women caregivers. This article highlights factors underpinning the
feminization of poverty embedded in caregiving. The article has used a review of literature
methodology and identifies the following as possible underpinnings of feminization of poverty:
state of gender dynamics; vulnerability and poverty of women doing caregiving; inadequate
support; lack of resources; and human rights violation of the caregivers. The article recommends:
working to dilute cultural and patriarchal forces; training to improve the quality of service;
training caregivers in tandem with the clients; awarding financial and material incentives;
affording care respite to avoid fatigue and burnout; adopting poverty reduction strategies; youth
participation campaigns in caring duties; donor support to sustain care programmes; and
involvement of civil society to assist in care giving.

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