Provision Of Services In Slum Areas Of Islamabad

Type Journal Article - Grassroots
Title Provision Of Services In Slum Areas Of Islamabad
Volume 50
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
Islamabad is a capital territory hosting around 8 million inhabitant, out of which 30 percent people have their abodes in slum areas of the city. Slums are defined as populous urban areas crowded by dirty houses with lack of sanitation facilities and social disintegration. Pakistan has 37 % urban population with 3.97% annual growth rate. Total slum population of Pakistan is 47%. People living in such slum areas do not have proper access to water, sanitation, and health and education facilities as envisaged in the Constitution of Pakistan 1973. They are not treated at par with other dwellers of posh areas of Islamabad in terms of basic facilities. People in slum areas are living below standard lives. Availability of basic needs of life is their born right but they are denied due to certain reason and lethargic attitude of the Parliamentarians and ineffective role of Capital Development Authority. The pathetic conditions of slums need proper and prompt response and attention of the people at the helm of affairs so that slum dwellers can lead safe and hygienic life. The object of this study is to deal with the service provision issues and to present solutions for upgrading of slums areas of Islamabad and to provides the information and facilitation to Government agencies and development partners to initiate development scheme.

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